World-class team collaboration.

Siasto embodies the future of collaboration. Connect with your colleagues,

Streamline your workflow.

Life is too short to spend it tracking down assignments, files, and emails. Siasto allows you to organize your workflow into projects, so everything that's related sticks together.

  • Each project has its own tasks, files, calendar, and discussions.
  • Create new projects based on your own custom templates.
  • Mark finished projects as "complete", or create ongoing projects that never end.

Keep everyone on the same page.

Gone are the days of wading through an ocean of email just to find out what's happening. Siasto was designed from the ground up to help you connect with your teammates, so you'll always know what everybody's doing.

  • Control exactly who has access to each project.
  • Invite people from outside your team to collaborate as guests.
  • Comment on tasks and files to create discussions.
  • Assign tasks and share files with your teammates.

Connect with what you know.

The world's a better place when we all work together. Siasto's powerful integrations let you connect with the tools you already know and love, so you can enjoy frictionless collaboration that just works.

  • Import and share files from Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Add tasks, events, and files to your projects directly from Gmail.
  • Sync your project calendars with Google Calendar.

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